Business Registration & Licenses

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Starting a business is not a one-step process. Although you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you should know about legal obligations. A reliable business is always licensed and registered. That is why our consultants are ready to guide you with different business licenses and registrations. The licensing process may be different for every type of business. However, we are aware of those unique aspects and provide you with the ultimate solution. You will have no legal issues with business registration. 

GST registration

The indirect tax GST has replaced several other taxes in India. We help you register for GST online. From GST registration to filing returns, everything becomes easy with our assistance. GST is compulsory for businesses whose total turnover is more than Rs. 40 lakhs. But, in a few Indian states, the limit is Rs. 20 lakhs.

Employee state insurance registration

ESIC is a social security organization that provides medical benefits and cash to employees in the organized sector. Businesses with more than 10 employees should be registered for ESIC. Connect with our consultants for the ESIC registration process and let your employees get medical attendance.

Professional tax registration

Some state governments have imposed a tax on salaried persons and self-employed professionals, including doctors, lawyers, CAs, and company secretaries. Employers are obliged to pay taxes on behalf of their employees. They have to receive the registration certificate from the professional tax department.

Food and Drug license Registration

Pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, and food sellers should consider food and drug license registration services. If your business turnover has crossed Rs. 20 crores, it is essential to upgrade your State-level food license to the Central level. We will help you fill out the form for the registration process.

Employees provident fund registration

As you deduct TDS from your employees’ salary, you should make EPF registration. With the PF, you can cover risks faced by employees because of death, illness, and retirement. The best fact is that Provident Fund is transferable and consistent. We guide you on how to go through the registration process for employees’ PF.

Import Export Code

If your business needs to enter the global market to import and export services and products, you need the IE registration certificate. The IE code ensures permanent validity, and you do not need to renew it. These registration processes may seem to be complicated for your business. However, with our help, everything will be easier, and you can set up a licensed business.